Collaboration with Adora Design

by charistalbotphotography

Recently my friend Craig Minchington of Adora Design and I collaborated on an image. The original photograph was took in the cemetery by my house and features the model Sara of Gingersnap Models and make up by Josephine Jones.

I was so excited for Craig and I to work together, we’d recently met at Bristol’s I love design launch and with both of us being Welsh and liking dinosaurs we hit it off. I love what Craig has done with the image, his signature effects and use of colour are very different to what I do and give the image and whole different vibe.

It’s also so nice to have someone else edit my work- usually I the one editing other people’s work! I think collaborating is incredibly beneficial to all parties as it gives you a new perspective on your work and helps you realise there is so much potential in a raw image.

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