Dusk or dawn?

by charistalbotphotography

So, my favourite times of the day to shoot are either an hour or two after sunrise or evening light. The reason for this is simply that the sun (think of it as a big sexy soft box) will be coming in at an angle instead of directly above and will therefore produce a more flattering light for portraits. You can also do some slightly more adventurous experiments, like shooting with the sun behind the model or using reflections present at the location. I actually left my reflector at my old flat when I moved out and so have been struggling without one. However it has made me think more carefully about where light is falling and how it will look when I edit pictures. One thing I consider to be bad form in photography is when there is perfect light fall but then a random highlight on a nose or cheek which puts the balance of the face of.

Anyhow, Do enjoy some pictures of Tash (it’s so handy having a signed model as a pal) taken at Bristol Harbour side. I began shooting at 6pm (May) until around 7.30pm